An Ultimate Guide To Mens Suits and Accesories

We have witnessed how men’s dress codes have evolved and broken down over the years, and how casual wear has taken over the fashion industry. However, in the new world of comfortable dressing, formal suits still remain the mainstay. There have been ups and downs in the popularity of formal attire but it never disappeared completely. In the recent times, suits and streetwear have formed a symbiotic association.

It is safe to say that formal has become the new casual. Gone are the days when the concept of formal attire was considered to have stodgy connotations to it. You can now wear formal suits according to your preference and choice. It runs a gamut from classy and relevant to sexy and edgy. No man’s collection is complete without suits. Whether it’s a dinner date, a wedding, a job interview or an office meeting, suits have become a compulsory staple of everyone’s wardrobe. Nevertheless, you need to take care of a few things while buying a suit. There are some points that need consideration with a myriad of fashion brands, materials, styles, and color range to choose from.

Some Rules for Choosing the Right Suit
Buying a suit isn’t just about spending your money on high-end brands. There are numerous basic points to consider for making sure that you don’t end up wasting your money on the wrong suits. Here’s a list of things to keep in mind before making a decision:

Buy a Suit for Your Body Type

While selecting a suit, always aim for something that matches your particular body type and accentuates your features. A good suit should make you look slimmer, taller, and underscore your shoulders. For instance, if you’re slim, a roped shoulder and double-breasted jacket will be the perfect fit for you. If you have athletic build, avoid skinny and narrow suits. Buy a single-breasted jacket with neatly-cut trousers. If you have a bit bulky and heavy physique, select a jacket with a cut on the bottom half with wide lapel and square shoulder line to draw the eyes upward.

formal suit for men with blue and timeless tie

Keep it Simple and Comfortable

It’s common for many of us to get carried away while choosing a formal suit with a number of options to choose from.  Have a clear vision of the occasion you’re buying a suit for. If you have to go to a formal event, a tuxedo is the way to go. If you’re dressing for work, a decent, two-buttoned suit is the best choice. You don’t have to buy a suit with a heavy structure because nobody wants to stand to attention after wearing such a suit. Also, aim for suits made with natural, breathable, and cosy fabric.

Ditch “Slim Fit”

We have seen slim fit take the fashion world by storm over the past few years, but it finally seems to be out of trend, particularly when it comes to formal dress code. Nobody wants to get into a suit that’s too tight and uncomfortable, making it hard to move, breathe, and even walk properly. Look for wider cuts to ensure coziness. Choose a flattering suit instead of a restricting one to best complement your body type.

Trending Styles to Choose From

It’s crucial to know that different styling options in suits can affect your look and ultimately the extent to which you feel comfortable wearing them. Wearing the right suit says a lot about your styling choices and sends a message that you are at the top of your game. Let’s have a look at the top trending styles of formal suits:

Oversized Coat

To complete your formal look and add additional comfort points to your dress, aim for an oversized outerwear, preferably in the next size up. It shouldn’t be huge or baggy to avoid looking like you’re wearing your dad’s coat. Just do the anti-fit right and pay attention to proportions. Most importantly, make sure the length of the sleeves is tailored according to your body. It will not only offer far more comfort but also show your command over fashion. With oversized outerwear, your inner two-piece suit fits seamlessly. The spring/summer collections of various brands and fashion catwalks this year were full of oversized-tailoring cut with generous relaxed fit, square-cut jackets, and a sportswear twist.

Double-Breasted Suit

Double-breasted suits are a sophisticated and chic way of keeping up with the latest fashion trend this year. They take their shape from the 70s and 80s look, but they are much lighter and offer a more laid-back style. The versatility of double-breasted suits makes them suitable enough to be worn at office, parties, weddings, and even funerals. Traditionally, double-breasted suits have up to eight buttons, but contemporary take on them has four to six buttons. Although they are designed to be worn fastened-up except the out bottom button, you can also wear it undone for a casual look. Younger guys who are interested in wearing double-breasted suits in a streetwear style will need to learn the art of high-low clothing and learn about balancing the number of casual and smart items to nail this attire. So, if you want to retain a sartorial slant without going too fancy, choose a double-breasted suit.

man wearing brown beige coat suit jacket

Brown is the New Black

With ever-changing color and styling trends in the world of formal sartorial, one color that refused to fade away is brown. If you look to the catwalks and people around you, you’ll realize that this color is being proffered as a recurrent option in suiting. Over the past few years, caramel, chocolate, and tan have been continuously challenging the reign of grey, navy, and black. Brown has become the go-to shade in tailoring for all skin tones. Learning to wear a brown suit isn’t as tricky as bold colors. Since this is a less formal color, you can play with different styles and shapes with it. A brown jacket can even be worn with a V-neck knits or T-shirts. It’s important to remember that you’ll need to break up your ensemble by adding complementary light shades to pull off your brown suit. So, if you used to think ill of brown color, it’s time you changed your view.

The Statement Color Suit

There were times when navy or charcoal were the most likely options because suits used to be the embodiment of formality and sophistication. Thanks to the contemporary fashion trends for opening up the whole new spectrum, suits have now been rescued from all such restraints. Men are not shy of experimenting with unusual and bold colors when it comes to formal suits. Nowadays, people are as likely to wear a baby blue or washed-out suit as navy or grey. Though it makes wearing a suit much more fun, but this may make it inappropriate in some settings. However, the key to wade in with bold suits is to indulge in them confidently. Spring and summer, in particular, are the best seasons to indulge in some bright tones. Make sure the fabric used for your suit is lightweight and has a bit of texture.

man wearing a light classic grey suit on summer with sunglasses

Summer Suit

While most of us would prefer a pair of swim shorts to stay cool and enjoy the hot summer season, it’s not applicable to formal occasions. Many people think of summer as the perfect time for garden parties, weddings, and sports events. If you’re invited to such an event, you’re going to need a summer suit with a touch of formality. The trick to look glamorous and sophisticated while still staying cool is to choose the right type of suit and the appropriate fabric. If you choose a tightly woven textile like twill, it will not allow the air to circulate through the garment, making it unbearable to stand the heat. Make sure the suit is constructed in a way that will facilitate ventilation, reducing sweat-inducing insulation. An unstructured, slightly relaxed-cut jacket is your best bet. Go for lightweight and open-weave fabric like light cotton or linen instead. Besides selecting the right material, pay attention to the color you wear. Opt for beige, earthy or pastel tones that give a soothing and cooling effect.

Wide-Legged Trousers

We have been seeing the rise of skinny jeans over the past decade. Men were perpetually obsessed over skinny and slim fit trousers for so long that idea of wide-legged trousers seemed to strike fear in them, but recently, the focus of menswear shifted to more comfortable fits. With the resurgence of wide cuts, wide-legged trousers are now getting all the attention they deserved and making the rounds in tailoring. A contemporary twist of longer, boxier jackets with wider shapes is gaining traction. Wider cuts are super easy to carry and yet give an elegant look. They’ll look smashing, even if you wear them like jeans with a T-shirt on top during summer. You can layer up with knitwear and a jacket on top when the weather gets colder. They flow elegantly down the legs and make a great option for making your legs appear longer. In short, they do things for everyone, and that’s the reason more and more people are moving towards them. However, if you’re still not accustomed to this style, look for a tad narrower, straight, or relaxed cuts instead.

Dinner Suit

There are some formal settings where you can’t wear your regular suits. Black tie invitations may be rare but when you get one, you will have to dress up and feel at your top. These are the times when you’re expected to get into a dinner coat with a white dress shirt, leather shoes and give your best to look classy and elegant. The amount of money you spend on these formal dresses depends on how frequently you have to attend such events. However, it’s always recommended to spend wisely on a well-fitting suit than renting a used one. Whether it’s a posh part, an Oscar nomination, or a swanky wedding, nobody wants to hire an ill-fitting suit worn by hundreds others. One brighter side, if you buy your own dinner suit with a slim-cut and a bit short jacket, you can even wear it with jeans or a T-shirt on a night out or a cocktail party.

Patterned Suit

If you want to stand out from the rest of the crown and make a sartorial splash, a patterned suit is the way to go. Patterns are an excellent way of adding your individual personality into formal suiting. With the revolution of suiting styles, your patterned suit doesn’t have to be boring, stuffed, and old-fashioned. Updated trends of tailoring are all about relaxed and slouchy apparel. You have a variety of options to choose from Hollywood’s favorite pinstripes to Houndstooth, botanical motifs, Tattershall, or Prince of Wales check. To nail a patterned suit, you need to make sure it’s well-fitted because sizing issues tend to get amplified with patterned suits. Also, combine it with a subtle, neutral color shirt for a more polished look, such as white or black. The patterned style is particularly suitable for those who are not very keen on colors.

Simple Two-Button Suit

A plain two-button suit is a must have for every man. The versatile profile of this suit makes it a great do-everything option. It allows you to dress up for formal, casual, and semi-formal occasions, including weddings, office, and cocktail parties. A two-button suit gives a bit deeper V-shaped neck, accentuating most body types. If you have got a bit of a stomach or are a shorter guy, this is going to be perfect for you. Its silhouette will make you look better proportion-wise. Also, try following the traditional buttoning rule for a two-button suit by fastening the top button and leaving the lower undone for better outline and style. If you fasten the lower button too it will not only give the illusion of extra pounds to your weight but also make your suit tight around hips, making the sides to flare out and throw your entire silhouette out of proportion.

Trending Accessories for Men

This is a no-brainer that appropriate, classy, and trendy accessories can transform your entire look, instantly taking your apparel to a whole new level. Accessories are the ideal way of complementing your personality and showing that you have made efforts to look good instead of just throwing on the first dress you saw in your closet. Similarly, the wrong accessories can ruin your look and shatter your confidence. If you’re not well-versed with choosing jewelry or accessories that will suit you, fret not. We’re here to help you find the most trending and the right accessories that will boost your self-esteem and add another dimension to your outfit. With these tips, any man can wear accessories right and make a statement.

Formal Shoes

The kind of shoes you wear say a lot about your sense of style and how your outfit is perceived. Your shoes can solidify or tarnish the entire character of your ensemble. Wearing the fitting footwear that compliments your outfit has always been important. It’s common for men to buy similar pairs of shoes for different purposes. What’s the use of spending all your money on multiple shoes with the same style when you can look versatile without having to buy a lot of shoes? If you shop smart for your footwear you can wear one pair of shoes for numerous occasions. For instance, if you buy derby shoes, they will pair really well with a formal suit as well as jeans. When it comes to formal styling, Chelsea boots, oxfords, brogues, loafers, and monk straps with rubber sole are the smart choices to make a bold fashion statement this year. Rubber-soled dress shoes are not only robust, slip-resistant, and waterproof, but they will also pair really well with your formal office or weekend wardrobe.


In the current age of smartphones, people seem to ignore the importance of watches. Why would anyone bother to look at their watches when they have their smartphones in hand all the time? Well, good quality watches are probably the first accessory that has the power to instantly make you look more attractive. No matter how much effort you put into choosing the best suit, tie, and shoes, your formal attire is incomplete without a wrist watch. As they say, mobiles are for boys, watches are for men. Having a glance at your wrist watch during a meeting or a date is certainly a much classier and convenient way for keeping tabs on time. In addition to that, wrist watches are a form of exhibiting your personality and lifestyle. Some people like to buy one top-quality watch and use it in different settings while others like to have multiple options to use alternatively. Currently, there are two widely trending styles of wrist watches. The first one is precisely detailed skeleton watches that give a very luxurious and voguish look. The popularity of these watches is noticed to be growing rapidly, which tells us that they are going to stay in fashion for quite some time now. Skeleton watches can add a lot of allure to your suit as well as your personality. The other common watch trend is minimalistic, plain, and simple designs with neutral colors. What makes them special is the fact that they are very versatile and can be worn with both casual outfits and formal suits.


Sunglasses are a timeless and practical fashion accessory that can never go out of trend. Their initial purpose was to protect human eyes from the damaging UV rays, but they gradually became an essential component of a fashion statement. So, just like the old days, sunglasses are still used to protect the eyes along with showcasing one’s personal style. The right, well-fitting pair of sunglasses can transform your look in a blink of an eye. The key is to either invest in stylish, non-prescription sunglasses that can add a spark to your personality or buy trendy, prescription glasses that frame your face perfectly. If your face shape is round, choose square or rectangular styled glasses. For heart or triangular-shaped face, opt for aviators. Soft curves and round frames are great for accentuating a square face.

If you’re not habitual to wearing sunglasses, start with buying whatever you feel comfortable with. A classic, timeless pair of sunglasses in neutral colors, such as wayfarers and aviators, can make you look sharp and focused without looking outdated. However, if you feel comfortable wearing stylish glasses then look for a slick pair and play with different colors, polarization options, textures, and materials. When talking about the latest trend, mirror lenses seem to have taken the fashion world by storm these days. Nighties-inspired ultra-small lenses and futuristic wrap-around styles are also very popular these days. Other than making you look awesome and protecting your eyes, sunglasses are great for preventing wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes that result from squinting in bright daylight.


Gone are the times when people used to think of neckties as a part of boring, everyday get-up for work. Ties are having total style resurgence with dress codes loosening up. They have the ability to upgrade your collared shirts and formal suits for a wide range of occasions. Let’s kick off the list with some must-have ties this year.

Floral Ties: If you think that floral ties are only for groomsmen to wear at a summer wedding, think again. Floral ties can amp up your wardrobe and help you achieve an extra streamlined look. Go for a floral tie with a graphic wallpaper pattern that matches the seasonal colors and vibes. If you don’t feel like wearing bright colors, pick a tie in deep, strong shades that goes well with your suit.

Checkered Ties: Want to make an impression and turn heads? Wear a striped plaid patterned tie with a dark suit. It will give you a sense of distinctiveness and add a boost of confidence to your attire. It is guaranteed to seal all the deals.

Skinny Ties: Shiny skinny ties with business-man stripes or polka dots are a thriving design. These are considered to be the perfect go-to style whether you’re a birthday boy, a party host, a wedding guest, or an office employee.

Knitted Ties

 Silk ties are definitely perfect for adding glamour and elegance to your formal look, but there are now many less stuffy and easier to wear styles to choose from. A knitted tie can help you steal the show and make your ensemble look more interesting. They usually come in a square tip, but you can also fine one with pointed end if you want to mimic the traditional look of a silk tie. So, add a knitted tie to your wardrobe for variety and ease.


Most men know belts are the most functional part of one’s wardrobe. However, they are not just there to keep your trousers in check, but stylish, luxurious belts can make sure that you finish your apparel off right. Choosing the right style, color, and material that matches your dress and shoes can give you that extra oomph. Nothing can beat a simple leather belt with a single-pronged buckle when it comes to formal dressing. Make sure your belt is the same color as your shoes. The width of formal belt should be between 1 ¼ to 1 3/8 inch and its thickness should be 1/8 inch. Avoid wearing studded and bold colored belts with unnecessary styling as it deters from a refined, formal look. Brown, black and tan are the most commonly used colors. You can add variety to your drawer by choosing a good quality reversible belt with one side brown and the other black. Leather belts with automatic buckles are among the top sellers at the moment due to their convenience, versatility, and exclusivity.

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A Take Home Message

There are numerous decisions that you need to make while choosing a formal suit or accessories from a gamut of a huge selection of brands to different styles and materials. However, the key is to remember that wearing anything should be like stepping into a new skin. It should make you feel comfortable and confident about yourself. The right styling options can enhance your look and help to make the right impression.